Here's Why You Need To Warm Up

Warming up is a crucial part of working out.

Unfortunately, a lot of people can skip this important step. In case you need some convincing of why you don't want to miss this part of your pre-workout ritual, here is a list of 5 need-to-know facts about warming up. 

Here's why you need to warm up. 

1. You get your blood pumping. 
Just by moving in a rigorous manner, your heart rate goes up and oxygen is delivered to your muscles. Your blood also helps deliver essential nutrients to the rest of your body.

2. Your body temperature increases.
Well yeah! By warming up, you're actually heating up, which helps to ensure your muscles and joints are more flexible and less stiff.

3. You start to sweat!
Sweating is a good thing. Warming up before you work out helps to promote your natural hydration system.

4. Your muscles work better.
By warming up you enhance your muscles ability to fire and to work properly. Working out a cold muscle greatly increases your chance of injury and misfire.

5. You won't feel as sore the next day.
"I love not being able to walk because I'm so sore," said no one ever. Warming up helps your body recover afterwards. You break up lactic acid with regular dynamic movements. 

So are you convinced yet?

You absolutely need to be warming up before your work. And it really shoulnd't take to long to get yourself moving. Just in case you need some ideas. Here is my absolute favorite dynamic warm up that I perform before every single workout. 

20 Bodyweight Squats
20-30 Push ups
30 seconds side to side jumps
30 seconds front to back jumps

Nice and quick. You can then move into ab work or get right to weights.

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