Do You Talk To Yourself?

I do it. I know a lot of us do it. Let’s be real. We all talk out loud to ourselves.

This week’s #AList Tip might sound simple, but making this small change can lead to massive effects in your life. When you talk to yourself do you use positive words?

For as long as I can remember, if something didn’t go my way, I would mumble to myself,

          “Ah man, why did I do that?”

Or I would think to myself,

          “Jeeze, that was a bad move, Jaron!”

This way of thinking and treating our inner selves can actually have a negative effect on our self-esteem and confidence. In fact, the words we use can really alter our outlook on life.

So what am I suggesting here? Trying to change this simple action that occurs hundreds of times throughout the day sounds near to impossible. But I am proof that you can change this behavior.

This is what I recommend:

Try speaking positively to yourself; use encouraging words.

Show gratitude. Find something you're thankful for. 

Accept that you are human and that you make mistakes.

Take a breath.

Instead of beating yourself up for what went wrong, try praising yourself for what went right.

List traits about yourself that you’re proud of…out loud.

This little bit of self-praise will go a long way. Trust me. Whenever I catch myself speaking down to my inner self, I stop and breathe. Then I change my negative words into positive words.

I encourage you to try this today. Let me know how it all goes in the comments below.