Tips For Keeping Up The Summer Shred

Just because it’s time for long sleeves, jeans, and pumpkin spice lattes doesn’t mean you should give up all the hard work you’ve done at the gym in the summer.

Here are the best ways to hang on to your summer shred all year around.

1.     Eat Lite Late at Night

Binge on Netflix, not on chips. It's really tempting to grab a bag of chips and snack away, but stick to fruit and vegetables with hummus for your late night sweet tooth and dip cravings.

2.     Keep up the Cardio

Stay consistent with your cardio routine, just to balance out the hibernation effect of the Fall and Winter. Even if you're lucky enough to spend the weekend wrapped up in your blanket and sipping tea, make sure you get in at least 60 minutes of cardio activity during the day. 

3.     Plan for the Gym

The best advice for getting to the gym comes down to planning out your gym time in advanced.  Know exactly what you’ll be doing at the gym including what exercises, how many sets and reps. Keep yourself accountable. Summer bodies are made in the winter. Keep up your hard work. 

4.     Quit Making Excuses

Learn the difference between being lazy and being exhausted. Remember that working out is only going to make you feel better. Every time that I feel down, I will still push myself to get my workout in. I always find, 100% of the time, that I feel so much better after working out. Don't take my word for it. Get your butt to the gym!!