10 Thriving Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Secrets To Staying Fit

Do you want to be successful?

Well, duh. Who doesn’t? That’s where the name ‘A-List’ comes from. I want to help people be at the top of their game, in all areas of life. But with so many different projects and hectic schedules, how does a person achieve professional and personal success without sacrificing their own well-being?

Maybe this is you...

When you get super busy the first thing to go is usually your gym-time. You pitch your own health and well being right out the window. You grab fast food, or completely starve yourself throughout the day. You have a late night binge-fest on Reese’s cups and going to the gym once you’re done with you crazy day, is not even a thought. It’s Netflix and pizza all night. 

Now that last part might sound fun, but save that for your cheat meal. So how do you balance a jam-packed schedule, with taking care of yourself?

I had the chance to ask some of the biggest names in business, from blogging to Broadway, how they were able to juggle a booming career and keep themselves healthy.

Here are some of the best tips from these A-list entrepreneurs.

“What do you think is the most effective fitness tip for thriving, successful people?”

"(Successful).. individuals are very habitual. There’s a lot of habits and the way to form a habit is not by simply doing the same thing for 21 days. We used to think that was true. Now what we know about forming habits is that we need to identify what it is that makes us feel good about it. And then identifying some sort of trigger that makes us crave that feeling."

-Chalene Johnson, 30daypush.com

"Success lies in taking action—not on setting goals. Ergo, to be successful in fitness (healthy and happy), one has to take consistent action towards their goals."

 -Tony Howell, GetCreativeSocialMedia.com

"Successful people tend to fall into the all-or-nothing category and put their business first before all other important things.  I always ask my successful clients this one question: "If you don't take care of your body, who is going to run your business?"  As successful entrepreneurs, we have to "schedule our health first." It's not just about looking good, it's about maximizing our health and happiness to be really successful!"

 -Christie Miller, EatTrainWin.com

"Internal fitness! Taking time to be quiet, to practice watching the mind, and growing your internal self awareness! You can't really be healthy if you aren't aware of yourself!" 

-Ash Archambeau, AdventuresInConsciousness.org


"The most important thing to keep in mind is that fitness is an investment. Successful busy people often have many demands on their time, but you've always got to put your own oxygen mask on first. The action step is to make fitness (sleep, training, nutrition) a non-negotiable commitment to yourself so you have the capacity to succeed at your professional pursuits."

-Mark Fisher, MarkFisherFitness.com

"Being aware of what you put into your body on a daily basis is key. When you eat well and live healthy you can accomplish anything. I don't necessarily agree with being on a diet per se, because they don't really help you much when you're "finished dieting," but I think it's important to have a consistent healthy diet, with your cheat days thrown in and you're cravings in moderation. The other tip I'd offer would be to find a fitness regime that works for you, one that you actually like doing, and do it regularly.  Your physical state directly affects your mental state. If you have a good fitness regime, you're more likely to be happier and accomplish more in every aspect of your life."

-Carly Hughes, Broadway's Beautiful, Pippin, Chicago

"The most effective strategy I've used to stay in shape despite a demanding schedule is to schedule my workouts into my business day. They have to be in the calendar or I just don't make time to go."

 -Allison Volk, TheBlogBabe.com

"I treat the gym like a business meeting. Namely, I don’t skip it because something else is more important. I hire trainers like I hire consultants realizing they know more than I do and implementing what they teach, letting them do their job."

-Jordan Harbinger, TheArtofCharm.com

“Don't try to get your perfect 90-minute workout in because honestly there isn't always time.  Instead, work to fit exercise into the nooks and crannies of your busy life.  I find that once I'm in the habit of exercising - even a little bit - I'm motivated to do more.  Sooner than later, I'm actually even squeezing in bigger workouts.  Get support.  Whether it's classes or a trainer, when I know someone else is counting on me showing up, I'm more likely to actually do so. “

-Dallas Travers, ThrivingArtistCircle.com

“Successful, thriving people have to MAKE time in their schedules for exercise AND nutrition. Put it in your calendar when you are going to workout, and when you are going to take the time to make sure your shelves and refrigerator is stalked with the RIGHT foods for your body. My first action daily is a 35 minute power walk, no exception, and I have 8 meals delivered every week to my door that are locally sourced and healthy. IGNITE!”

-John Lee Dumas, EntrepreneurOnFire.com


"For me personally the most effective fitness tip is to never miss a workout! I get up at 5:30 am most days and get it in. Even if I "think" I'm tired once I get started I feel so much better. Don't make excuses. And learn through trial and error what the best nutrition is for yourself." 

-Barbra Frand, my mom + biggest role model, DrJeffreyFrand.com


There you have it, the secrets to staying fit and healthy from these inspiring leaders all have to do with being consistent and setting up a system and routine for yourself. Take it from these guys and use their expert tips to set yourself up with success. 

Now I challenge you to share this article with 3 people who need to read this today. Maybe they need your encouragement and accountability. Then tell me below, how do you keep fit when life gets busy?