Jaron's Favorite Resources

Navigating through the world of the latest diet crazes, the most #beastmode workouts, and the weirdest holistic lifestyle tricks can be sticky. You might ask yourself “what should I actually believe?” Luckily, I’ve come up with a few resources that I use all the time and that I know are reliable.

Here is a list of my favorite apps and resources to check out.


Calm app
Perfect for finding that happy place. I use this religiously when I travel. Its’ ambient sounds just helps me zone out. And if I’m really feeling at peace, there are some quick and easy guided mediations to choose from.

Coach.Me is a site that helps you reinforce positive habits with a community of others all focused on the same goals as you. You can find like minded coaches to actually teach you a new skill, and you can set up reminders and check ins to stay on track with your goal. I’ve used it for ensure I get to the gym every say at the same time, and prep my meals each week.


This site is full of information, but I find its’ most useful tool is its online dictionary of workout moves. You can look up pretty much any exercise to get full explaination and demonstration.

I’m obsessed with my new FitBit Charge HR. For anyone with an active lifestyle thay is interested in keeping track of your activity, this is the best new toy out there.  I love the step tracker obviously, but also the heart rate monitor has been key for me. I’m able to know exactly when I’m in the fat burning stage based on my heart rate. Plus with the FitBit app, you can compete against your friends to see who can get the most steps. I’m a huge fan, and I highly recommend it!

There are so many fun workouts on YouTube from intense ab workouts to old fashioned walking aerobics with Leslie Sansone. You can find a lot on YouTube. Give a quick search for a new workout and you’ll get flooded with results for “How to Get Ripped in 6 Seconds.” Don’t believe them all, but you can definitely get some new ideas and moves to try at the gym. Plus I’m on YouTube at YouTube.com/JARONFRAND.

Yeah- this is for sure my favorite source for workout and lifestyle tips. AList is all about upgrading and up-leveling your lifestyle through the disciplines of fitness and nutrition. Everyone deserves to live like an ALister, no matter what they do in life. I love to share my own experiences and help other people along the way.  GetAListFit.com is my way to do just that.



This is the best food tracker that I have come across. The app is really simple to use. The best part about it is that you can look up exactly what type of food you’re eating down to the brand name and the serving size. And if the food you’re eating isn’t listed, you can create a new item. Love this one.

This app is bomb! Kevin Curry started a tumblr a few years ago. His own fitness and nutrition journey lead him to inspire others through healthy but amazingly delicious meals. He has since built up a strong community all centered around the idea that “our bodies are built in the kitchen. Sculpted in the gym.” And man, do I connect with this! The biggest part of my own physical transformation was changing my diet.  The FitMenCook app gives you great options for meals instead of sticking to the same boring chicken and brown rice. Check this one out.



Duh! This is my favorite form of social media. When it comes to the #fitlife you can get a whole education based on what people are posting. From workout moves, to food recipes, the insta-world is where its at! Hey, and I’m on there too @GetAListFit.

Yep. I fell in love with the premium subscription plan for $10 a month.  You’ll get amazing access to a whole library of music. I love that you can save certain tracks and albums to your phone for offline playing. I finally bit the bullet and signed up a subscription plan and I was not disappointed at all!

I have learned so much just by listening to different podcasts on my commute to work, brushing my teeth, and cooking dinner. This has been a really valuable way to multitask. I went through a phase of listening to everything and anything. Nowadays, I have my select 3 or 4 podcasts that I listen to regularly. My recommendation? Find a few podcasts on topics that you’re interested in and listen away.

There are thousands of sites, tools, and apps out there. I’ll be adding to this list soon, I’m sure. Let me know if you have a favorite resource that you use everyday. Can’t wait to read your comments.