15 second Full Body Workout

Now, I know you have at least 15 seconds to watch this. This is a 15 second video for a 15 minute workout. Can't beat that right? 


That was quick, huh?

The circuit is 

 ✅10 Arnold Presses 
      -start with arms square in a 90 degree angle
      -bring your elbows together so that almost touch, and return to starting position
      -press arms upward, feel the tension here
      -keep your shoulders square
think in straight lines and 90 degree angles

✅ 10 Lumberjack Chops to the right 
thrust from the hips
     -twist your obliques and follow through with your eyes

✅ 10 Lumberjack Chops to the left

✅ 10 Dumbbell Squats
     -get low!
squeeze your tush at the top

Do this circuit all the way through, then take a 60 second rest, and repeat 3 more times for a total of 4 times.

Now I'm using a lighter weight here because of the amount of reps we're doing. I recommend starting with no weights or very light weights, then up-ing the weight if you think you can lift heavier. Push yourself. You'll really feel the burn with this circuit but push through.

Your turn. Share this with a friend to challenge them! And let me know who got through the workout the strongest. #Alist