3 Tricks to Beat Hibernation Temptation


Alright A-Listers, if you're anything like me, (and you're living on the east coast) the cold weather has taken its toll on you. With below 0 windchill, its super easy to stay bundled up in your bed and skip your workouts. Trust me, I totally understand the temptation to hibernate, especially when its cold and rainy.

Now don’t get me wrong. When you plan a night-in to binge on Netflix and HEALTHY snacks, it’s a blast. But once those nights-in start becoming a bad habit, you’ll start regretting all that cuddling. So here are my 3 tips to help you beat that hibernation temptation.


#1 Put on your workout clothes ASAP.

If you workout in the morning, as soon as you get out of bed, put on your workout clothes. Even if you have to make breakfast or send a few emails, by getting dressed for the gym you create accountability for yourself. You have less time to make excuses, and it helps you get out the door and get on your way. If you get home from work or school, and had planned to go to the gym, but you're feeling too tired, get your gym clothes on. Set yourself up for success by removing the small obstacles.


#2 Change up your routine.

Sometimes you get stuck feeling uninspired to go the gym. Maybe what you need is a good shake up. Try rearranging your workout. If you usually lift weights first, switch it up and do cardio first. Maybe plan to do a completely new routine at the gym. Add more weight to your bench press. Take away some weight and try working out with higher reps. You can even spend a day at home and workout to an awesome 90s workout DVD! If you’re looking for a more up-to-date workout, check out Youtube. There’s tons of great videos there to lead you in a workout. Or make your own push up routine. Changing your workout routine is a great way to get creative, get your self excited, and ultimately helps your body break through plateaus. You should look to switch it up at the gym about every 6 weeks.  You can find more training intensity shake ups here.


#3 Psych yourself UP!

Finally, remember your goals. Nothing can motivate you faster than actually psyching yourself up. If you’ve been working out regularly and hit a slump, go back to your original goal. If you’re just starting out, now is the perfect time to clarify why you’re making a change. Ask yourself: Why did I start working out? Write it down. Say it out loud. Repeat it to yourself. Read it over and over again. Psych yourself Up!

Enter #beastmode. Yes I said. #beastmode. Get yourself amped up. Mr. Schwarzenegger, himself, has written about putting the mind in to the muscle. It takes incredible focus and mental energy to workout. And its no secret that staying active and in shape helps improve all areas of your life. Being active makes you feel good!

Get up. Get moving. Get out the door. Get to the gym. (Getting to the gym is literally half the battle.) 

What gets you amped up to get to the gym? What works for you? Comment below!