I know what it’s like to feel super frustrated because you have no time to focus on working out and eating right, and you just don’t know where to start.

6 years ago, I was an actor living in NYC, running around from audition to audition. Everything was great except... I was sick all the time, I wasn’t happy with how I looked, and I wasn’t booking work because I had pretty low self esteem. I felt that my health and physique weren’t a reflection of the roles that I wanted, but every time I tried to make a change, something would come up and I’d get derailed.

It stayed like this for a couple of years until I got so frustrated with myself, that I decided “I’m going to get in shape - once and for all- period. The End!”

It turns out that was the kick in the ass I needed because over the next 12 months, I gained 10lbs of muscle, and reshaped my body.

I felt so good that I actually created an entire method so I could help other actors in the same spot I was in 6 years ago.

jaron frand